"Play Me, I'm Yours," Los Angeles

"Play Me, I'm Yours" has been touring internationally since 2008, and right now it's in Los Angeles!
This event was started in 2008 by British artist Luke Jerram, and is being hosted in LA by the LA Chamber Orchestra.

What does this mean? Well, there are 30 pianos, each painted or decorated by a local artist, set up around the LA Area on public outdoor stages.
These street pianos are available for anyone to play, 24 hours a day from April 12th to May 3rd, 2012.

There are 3 of these pianos in Pasadena located at: Vromans Bookstore, One Colorado courtyard, and Pasadena Conservatory of Music. There is another one in Monterey Park's Atlantic Square. For a complete list of the locations, click here.

With the Recital coming up on May 5th, these pianos are a great chance to showcase those recital pieces, and get a little practice playing on an instrument with a different feel to it. I've heard Bach, Chopsticks, The Beatles, and "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" all played on these instruments will equal enthusiasm.

AND, if you do track down one of these pianos, please take a picture while you're playing it and send it to me. I would like to add them to this post and the facebook page!